+ Car Accidents – With millions of drivers on the road, accident can happen often and do. We have successfully represented countless accidents victims. + Uber/Lyft Accidents – Uber or Lyft case can be complex, since the laws have changed making the Uber or Lyft drivers independent contractors, under certain circumstances. Our Lawyers know exactly […]


+ Slip and Fall – Entering a public business premises, especially a grocery store, there are many object that can make the surface slippery.  + Dog Bites – Dogs can seriously injure or even kill. Dog bits are often emotionally traumatic since we usually believe dogs are safe and loving. + Construction Accidents – Construction […]


+ Design defects – Design defects occur when the whole product line is dangerous. + Manufacturing Defects – Manufacturing defects occur when one of the product drifts from the manufactures intended design. + Warning Defects – Warning defect is when either the manufacturer does not provide a warning label or warn of the harm that […]


+ Medical Malpractice –  Doctors make mistakes. This include Dentists, OB-GYN, or other doctor performing a procedure.  Contact our expert lawyers who can make you whole.


Being a citizen of the United States, is one of the greatest achievements that any foreigner can have, since by becoming a citizen of this country. You can have many benefits such as: Right to vote and thus be part of the political decisions of the country through your vote. Carry a United States Passport; […]

SIJS-Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas

SIJS, or Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas, are available for those children and young adults that are abandoned, neglected, or abused by one or both of their parents in their home country. Before a Judge can decide on their SIJS findings he must officially appoint a guardian to the child or young adult. It is usually […]


Frequently this protection is lost due to crimes that are committed within the territory of the United States, in the same way it can be lost due to errors of an administrative nature on the part of the beneficiary such as; Do not submit your application for TPS renewal on time, among others. So in […]


If you are the victim of a qualifying crime that occurred in the United States and have been helpful to law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity, you may be eligible for a Humanitarian Nonimmigrant Visa called U VISA. Qualifying Crimes: Abduction Abusive Sexual Contact Blackmail Domestic Violence Extortion False Imprisonment Female Genital […]


Appeals are made when a person does not agree with the deportation or removal order made by the Immigration Judge. Decisions of the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR or Immigration Court) may be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA or Board) which is part of the Department of Justice. At the Law […]

Aircraft Purchasing and Leasing

Buying or leasing an aircraft whether – whether it is a corporate jet, a dreamliner, or a general aviation Cessna – is an intricate endeavor, for both buyers and sellers.  The process involves numerous institutions and processes.  An aviation attorney should be able to analyze the value of the airplane, assess its mechanical conditions, airworthiness certificates, and […]