+ Car Accidents – With millions of drivers on the road, accident can happen often and do. We have successfully represented countless accidents victims.

+ Uber/Lyft Accidents – Uber or Lyft case can be complex, since the laws have changed making the Uber or Lyft drivers independent contractors, under certain circumstances. Our Lawyers know exactly how to handle your Uber or Lyft case with ease.

+ Truck Accidents – Whether it’s a big-rig, air break vehicle, or other Class-A vehicle, trucks can cause serious injuries. Trucks take longer distance to stop due to their weight, and are harder to maneuver.

+ Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycles accidents often include serious injuries. These types of accident usually happen because cars or trucks cause the accident due to the inability to see the motorcycle rider. Kostiv & Associates knows how to handle your special claim.

+ Pedestrian Accidents – Crossing the street at an intersection can be dangerous. Being stuck by a vehicle is frequently cause by a distracted driver whether on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk.

+ Bicycle Accidents – Bicycle lanes are a place where drivers share the road. Sometimes inattentive drivers merge into these designated lanes and cause injuries.

+ Bus Accidents  –   Public transportation is essential for many individuals, but bus drivers can crash.  When they do, the damage can be catastrophic.

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