Commercial pilots blame pandemic downtime for in-flight mistakes

Several commercial flights have been involved in a series of errors due to the lack of continuity of thePilots caused by the Covid 19 pandemic which kept them inactive for several months.

Several airlines have chosen to conduct re-training days for their pilots in order to minimize the occurrence of errors that can be catastrophic in the future, so far more than 26 events have been accounted for in several commercial flights with the presence of passengers on board.

Several pilots have argued that after 3 months without flying they thought that by resuming their jobs their capabilities would be activated again as a kind of muscle memory, but this false confidence brought with it a string of errors in several airlines.

To combat these mistakes airlines are already taking measures, such as double-checking each of the activities, for now passengers can be sure that human errors are being minimized.

American Airlines have announced that their pilots are in full capacity to be able to carry out flights without mishaps.One of the most common mistakes has been the loss of altitude on several commercial flights with passengers on board.