Business Lawyers Representing Clients Across The World

Business contracts and disputes are almost always complex, and this complexity is increased when multiple nations are involved. Even between nations as close as the United States and Mexico, language gaps and legal differences make international business dealings difficult to navigate. It is essential to work with a team of lawyers who know the languages and know how to handle complex international business deals.

Southern California International Business Law Attorneys

Knowledge And Experience With International Business Matters

It is always complex to do business with people and organizations from other places around the world. Language barriers, different legal landscapes and other challenges can hinder smooth international business deals. It is essential to work with an attorney who knows how to handle the complex landscape of international business transactions.

At Kostiv & Associates, P.C., our Southern California international business lawyers speak your language. Our attorneys are proficient in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian. We take a personalized approach marked by candid communication with our clients and a comfortable yet focused environment.

We represent U.S. clients doing business overseas with nations that include China, South America and former Soviet Republics, and we also represent non-American clients throughout the world. We help clients in matters that include:

International real estate deals: We represent U.S. clients looking to invest in and create real estate or businesses overseas. We handle purchases and sales of commercial and residential real estate. We have a wealth of experience handling Brazilian real estate matters, as well as real estate deals in China, Russia, Ukraine and other nations.

Representing foreign investors: In addition to our U.S. real estate investment, we represent clients from nations throughout the world making international real estate investments.

U.S. real estate for foreign investors: Our lawyers serve clients from other nations looking to invest in United States real estate. This includes helping foreign investors obtain their EB-5 investor visas, buy real estate, open businesses and handle all other legal matters involved with foreign investment in real estate in the U.S.