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Petro Kostiv, Esq, director ejecutivo de Kostiv & Associates, P.C. es miembro de la Asociación de Pilotos y Propietarios de Aeronaves, con un alto grado de educación aeronáutica, con certificaciones de la Asociación de Transporte Aéreo Internacional en Derecho Aeronáutico y certificaciones de aviadores de la Administración Federal de Aviación que consisten en piloto privado y comercial, monomotor y multimotor, y calificación de instrumentos .

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Aviation accidents are complex occurrences. Kostiv and Associates is the right place to bring your aviation accident case for an evaluation. Accident lawyers with rich aviation experience are the best to handle an aviation accident case. Inclement weather, mechanical failures, lack of flying experiences by the pilot, or negligence are among many reasons why accidents take place all over the world. Unfortunately, many accidents, including fatal ones, could have been evaded.

An effective aviation accident attorney should be able to spot the issue, and by being a commercial pilot himself, attorney Petro Kostiv coupled with the team of aggressive litigation lawyers would be able to commence an immediate analysis of the circumstances that led to the aviation mishap. A good understanding of the aviation participants will help focus the pre-litigation negotiations and subsequently the litigation process itself.

What happens if a California registered aircraft crashes in Florida? Where do you bring a lawsuit? What if an American registered airplane crashes in a foreign jurisdiction?

What are the limits of insurance? A detailed analysis of the maintenance records will surely be needed to discover the potential lack of care for the aircraft.

In an accident related to bad weather, it is important to find out the reason why the flight took place in the first place. A good example of a bad decision was the tragic crash of Kobe Bryant in January 2020. It was not just the pilot, who perished in the accident, who may be responsible for the tragedy. It is critical to analyze the layers participating in the accident.

An aviation accident case requires a high degree of specialized knowledge. A zealous attorney with personal knowledge of aviation can better help a client to get maximum results. A good aviation lawyer investigates, knows well the facts, and develops a theory of liability based on those facts to advance clients’ interests. Judges rarely know much about aviation, and therefore, it is crucial for an attorney to be able to explicate and elucidate details regarding the aviation matter.

Petro Kostiv is an Aircrafts Owners and Pilots Association member, with a high degree of aviation education, with International Air Transportation Association certifications in aviation law, and, Federal Aviation Administration airmen certifications consisting of private and commercial pilot, single and multi-engine, and instrument rated.

Very frequently, an aviation attorney deals with administrative agency regulations confronting legal issues based on the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). The FARs establish legal standards by which a judge and jury may decide whether the defendant is liable for negligence in an aviation accident. These days, the FARs affect almost all aspects of aviation.

Our committed attorneys represent the victims and families of those hurt or killed in plane or helicopter crashes, whether in Southern California or across the country.

If you have recently suffered from an aviation accident, contact Kostiv & Associates at (213) 309-9123.

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