Immigration court lawyers are essential to protect your interest from removal. A deportation affects not only you but also your family and friends. If you have been placed into immigration court proceedings, it is because the government is trying to remove you from the US. The government might be in his right to do so but you might have a relief available that can prevent that. Government lawyers are trained specifically for the task to remove people the government considers inadmissible or deportable. An immigration court attorney is the difference between living in the US or being deported. The difference of having your interest protected and not being intimidated by the court environment and setting is an experienced immigration litigator.

Immigration court cases are extremely complex and complicated. Navigating through the immigration rules and procedures requires an expert in immigration litigation. In this constantly changing area of law, it is very important to have competent representation, because actions in court can result in deportation and / or exclusion of individuals, termination of permanent residence status or granting legal residency or United States Citizenship.

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