Donald Trump extended until March the partial suspension of immigration to the United States

Donald Trump, extended until next March 31 two decrees that suspend the entry into the country of many applicants for permanent residence and other temporary workers.

The measures that Trump renewed were issued in April and June, arguing that the destruction of jobs caused by the COVID-19 crisis warranted new immigration restrictions. These measures were rejected by several business sectors in the United States. However, they were applied.

The first veto, which was issued in April, suspended the issuance abroad of permanent residence permits, known as” green cards “or”green cards”. This action prevents family reunification of U.S. citizens of foreign origin or permanent residents in the country. Under this policy only foreign spouses of U.S. citizens or their children under the age of 21 can access a permanent residence permit

The other controversial veto, was issued in June and froze the issuance of new H-1B visas, designed for certain skilled workers, such as employees in the technology industry; among others.

The ban also affects H-2B employment permits, for workers in the hotel and construction sectors, and J-1 permits, which are for researchers and research professors and other work exchange programs, such as scholarships or babysitters.