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Kobe Bryant crash pilot disoriented in clouds, NTSB

The helicopter crash in which Kobe Bryant and eight other people died in California last year was likely caused by the pilot’s decision to fly into the clouds. blinding him and causing him to lose control of the helicopter. Bryant died when the helicopter crashed into a fog-covered hill near Calabasas, California., bursting into flames. […]

The FAA Has Cleared the World’s First Flying Car for Takeoff

Dreaming of flying cars might not be just a dream, that fantasy is one step closer to become a reality The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded Terrafugia a special certificate of Airworthiness for light sports aircraft. With this permission you can think of this type of transport for eventual use both in the air […]

Commercial pilots blame pandemic downtime for in-flight mistakes

Several commercial flights have been involved in a series of errors due to the lack of continuity of thePilots caused by the Covid 19 pandemic which kept them inactive for several months. Several airlines have chosen to conduct re-training days for their pilots in order to minimize the occurrence of errors that can be catastrophic […]

Policies on the use of the mask on different airlines

Different commercial airlines have announced that passengers and crew members must wear face coverings during check-in, boarding and flight. Although these policies have been in place for months, airlines are tightening enforcement of means of coercion for the general use of masks. According to the Industry Trade Organization Airlines for America.  Passengers without masks can […]

Canada is about to lift the ban on the Boeing 737 MAX on January 20

Canada will lift the flight ban, which lasted more than two years, on Boeing’S 737 MAX on January 20. Joining other countries such as the United States that have brought the aircraft back after two fatal crashes. The planes will be permitted to fly as long as they meet conditions specified by Transport Canada in […]

Kobe Bryant helicopter crash: New NTSB documents appear to point to pilot disorientation in fog

The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant descended steeply and crashed, killing all nine passengers aboard, even though its pilot said in his last radio transmission that he was climbing to 4,000 feet, documents released Wednesday by federal investigators show. The pilot never told air traffic controllers about plans to turn and descend after they asked him about his intentions once he […]

Sriwijaya plane crash puts Indonesia Aviation Safety under hurricane’s eye

Indonesia’s air safety is back in the eye of the hurricane after a Sriwijaya Air plane carrying 62 people crashed into the Java Sea minutes after takeoff last Saturday, this mishap is the country’s third major air crash in just over six years. Before the crash, there had been 697 deaths in Indonesia over the […]

Boeing agrees to pay $2.5 billion to resolve federal criminal charge over 737 Max conspiracy

The Justice Department on Thursday said Boeing has agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion to resolve a charge that it conspired to defraud the Federal Aviation Administration during its review of the 737 Max, the airliner involved in a pair of deadly crashes that killed 346 people. The Justice Department’s Criminal Division said the […]

The FAA approved the Boeing 737 Max to be flown again after extensive investigations.

After several studies, tests and verifications, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cancelled the order that stopped Boeing’s commercial operations. The strike affected several companies and particularly Boeing, although it was certain that 737 Max were safe, complied with the order to put the aircraft on the ground. The new provision will allow airlines under […]