Canada is about to lift the ban on the Boeing 737 MAX on January 20

Canada will lift the flight ban, which lasted more than two years, on Boeing’S 737 MAX on January 20. Joining other countries such as the United States that have brought the aircraft back after two fatal crashes.

The planes will be permitted to fly as long as they meet conditions specified by Transport Canada in December, including allowing pilots to disable a faulty warning system that was found to be central to two deadly crashes in 2018 and 2019.

The measures go beyond those announced by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in November, which required Boeing to make changes to the computer systems inside the plane and required pilots to undergo training in flight simulators.

The announcement Monday caps a recertification process without precedent in the history of modern aviation. 

On the other hand, Air Canada said it would resume commercial operations of Boeing 737 MAX no later than February 1st.

The airline said the plane would gradually return to its North American route network.

Canada announced in December that it hoped to rescind its ban on flying the Boeing 737 MAX in January after approving design changes to the model plane that was involved in two air crashes.