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Biden plans early legislation to offer legal status to 11 million immigrants

During his first days in office, President-elect Joe Biden has set out to send a legislative package to Congress to address the goal of immigration reform in the United States.

The package could include a possible path to citizenship for approximately 11 million immigrants who are in the country without legal status and who would see in this reform a light of hope to be able to be legally in the country.

The bill would also provide a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of people with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Action (DACA) beneficiaries for Childhood Arrivals who were brought to the US. UU. When they were children, and probably also for certain essential front-line workers, a large number of whom are immigrants.

Biden’s proposal sets out what would be the largest and most comprehensive immigration package since President Reagan’s Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986, which granted legal status to 3 million people who were in the country without documentation.

In an interview this week, Harris gave a preview of the provisions of the draft law, including green cards automatic immigrant status, TPS, and DACA, a decrease in wait times for u.s. citizenship, from 13 to eight years and an increase in the number of immigration judges to relieve a major backlog of cases.