Representing Foreign Investors

Los Angeles Lawyers Representing Foreign Investors

Many lawyers have expertise in either business law or immigration. However, both of these components are necessary for success in foreign investment in the U.S. Without immigration documents in place, a business or individual will not be able to come to the country to invest; and without business knowledge, an investor will not have the knowledge and experience needed to make informed investment decisions.

At Kostiv & Associates, P.C., our lawyers handle the immigration and the business matters involved in our clients' U.S. real estate investments to provide comprehensive, effective legal solutions. As Los Angeles attorneys representing foreign investors, we take an honest, straightforward approach. Our clients and other parties we work with find us to be amicable and effective in our negotiations and transactions. With attention to detail, we advocate effectively for our clients' interests in their U.S. real estate investments.

Southern California EB-5 Visa Attorneys

We help clients with all aspects of immigrating to the United States for the purpose of investing in American business. The EB-5 investor visa is the most common way to come into the country for this purpose. We help clients through all aspects of EB-5 visas and more, including:

  • Business formation: One option for an EB-5 visa is to start a new business. You will need to commit at least $1,000,000 to the project and hire at least 10 people within the first two years of your arrival. Our attorneys can help you with these and other visa requirements. There are other options, as well, that have lower investment requirements. We can help you explore the various options to meet your needs.
  • Business investment: Another option for an EB-5 visa is to invest or acquire an existing business.
  • Commercial real estate purchases: Most likely, an important aspect of your business venture will be the acquisition of real estate. We handle U.S. real estate transactions for foreign investors.
  • Naturalization and citizenship: Once you obtain permanent legal residence from an EB-5 visa, we can help you bring your family to the United States and work with you through the process of naturalization to become a United States citizen.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in the immigration and business law aspects of this area of representation, as well as U.S. real estate for foreign investors. We are well-equipped to represent you through all of your investment endeavors.