Petro Richard Kostiv

Petro Richard Kostiv was born in Ukraine, but is a resident of Los Angeles and a self proclaimed Angeleno. Petro is the president of Kostiv & Associates, P.C., there he maintains the legal and business operations.

Petro’s most specialized level of expertise is in immigration law, in all of its forms, but specializes most in business immigration for those attempting to invest in or operate businesses in the United States. Additionally, Petro advises American individuals and businesses on how to succeed in foreign business environments. Petro has experience in working in the former Soviet Bloc, Latin America, and China. Petro is currently working on establishing a permanent and official presence of the firm in other countries.

petro kostiv

Petro has a litany of experience defending those most vulnerable in society before the Executive Office of Immigration Review (or more commonly known as Immigration Court). Petro has also practiced in other legal fields including but not limited to business law, bankruptcy law, family law and criminal law.

Petro Kostiv has attended some of the most prestigious universities in the United States including a top ten university in the University of California Berkley, where Petro earned his undergraduate degree in history and graduated with honors. Following his graduation from UC Berkley, Petro was offered the opportunity to work and study in South Africa, where he would go on to earn his first graduate degree, a Masters in Political Science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban. After time away from the United States, Petro decided to attend the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for law school, there he earned his Juris Doctorate. Prior to completing his degree at he University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Petro spent a summer working at the Supreme Court of Argentina and studying Argentine law at a law school in Buenos Aires.

Following the competition of his graduate studies, Petro was admitted to the California State Bar and the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Petro then decided to open a law firm to assist individuals with their legal issues, this is where Kostiv & Associates, P.C. was born. Kostiv & Associates, P.C. began as a modest firm in a small office, but with some vision and tireless work, the firm has evolved into a multi-national law firm with office locations throughout the world.

Petro is an active member in the legal community and community at large, he is Vice President of the Ukrainian-American Bar Association and an active member of Inter-American Bar Association and Beverly Hills Bar Association. Additionally, Petro maintains an elementary school in Tanzania, has donated generously to several Central American charities, and regularly makes his presence felt within the Latino community in Los Angeles. Also, Petro writes articles on immigration and legal topics relevant in the Latino community for several Spanish language newspapers in the Los Angeles area.

When Petro is not working on helping his clients, Petro's biggest passion is to travel the world. Petro is an avid aviation pilot and has traveled to more than 80 countries throughout his travels. While traveling, Petro has lectured at various universities in Latin America, Ukraine, South Africa and China.


University of Michigan Law School at Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Michigan


University of California, Berkeley, California

  • B.A.magna cum laude
  • Honors: With High Honors
  • Major: History

Representative Clients

  • Foreign Companies buying real estate in California
  • Foreign investors need investor visa EB-5
  • Business litigation: fraud, unfair competition
  • Business litigation: trade libel

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Ukrainian American Bar Association, President
  • Inter American Bar Association, Member
  • Beverly Hills Bar Association

Pro Bono Activities

Several Pro Bono Lectures on US Tax System Spanish to Latino Community


  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • English

Location: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 213-309-9123