International Real Estate Deals

International Real Estate Deals

Increasing global economic integration makes the opportunities in international real estate investment, including emerging market real estate, more compelling than ever before-especially given the weakness and slow growth in the domestic real estate markets of most developed economies. While traditional international capital flows were largely directed towards U.S> and Western European opportunities, in the last several years, substantial interest has developed for markets in Asia. More recently, investment has been growing in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Russia.

Why Invest in International Real Estate?

Higher returns, portfolio diversification, and the ability to hedge inflation. The international dimension also provides two additional factors: potential to invest in an expanded universe of real estate investments and the need to match international asset holdings to the increased international liability exposure of multinational corporate pension funds.

To summarize, we believe that investing in international real estate facilitates the potential for:

  • Higher returns
  • Increased diversification
  • Inflation hedging
  • Expanded real Estate universe