Los Angeles Lawyers For Chinese Businesses And Investors

Business ventures between the United States and China are similar to any other business venture: you need quality legal representation from attorneys who have the experience, knowledge and commitment needed to help you reach your business goals efficiently and effectively.

For our clients who wish to explore business opportunities between the United States and China, our attorneys take a committed, personalized approach to our clients' legal matters. At Kostiv & Associates, P.C., we help Americans doing business in China and Chinese individuals and businesses doing business in the United States. We are professional, goal oriented, and focused on our clients’ business objectives. Our clients find us to be flexible, understanding, amicable and effective in our representation.

We speak your language and understand your culture. It is crucial in today’s business world.

We speak many languages; we possess a wealth of experience handling international legal matters; and we have a network of international attorneys and other professionals throughout the world. For all these reasons, we will not allow cultural, legal and linguistic differences be an impediment to your business goals. We will give you the personal attention you need and help you find solutions.

Representing Chinese Individuals And Businesses In U.S. Investments

Our firm represents Chinese investors in U.S. real estate and business deals. We handle myriads of aspects for our Chinese clients in the U.S., including:

  • Legal aspects of purchasing or developing U.S. real estate;
  • EB-5 investor visas and other business and family immigration solutions;
  • Careful analysis and sound advocacy in business formation and contract matters;
  • Aggressive litigation representation for a range of business disputes;

Representing American Clients In Chinese Business Deals

Doing business in China can be a risky affair. Working with an entirely different culture in a faraway location can result in legal, linguistic and cultural challenges that require sophisticated knowledge and advocacy in order to succeed.

Whether you are looking to invest in Chinese real estate, start your own foreign-owned business or partner with an existing business in China, our lawyers have a network of highly skilled and reputable lawyers in China who can help you through every step of your business venture.

Contact Our California Chinese Real Estate Attorneys

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